Friday, October 30, 2020

Redmond, Oregon

Oct. 30, 2020:  We had an amazing day in Redmond Oregon. Before seeing Avery and Meg in Eugene, we stopped in and stayed with Gregor and Brynn Peirce. They were the ultimate hosts and tour guides and took us around Redmond. Sydney joined us for the day which started with feeding Alpacas at a farm. It was really fun and Luke had a blast with our furry fuzzy friends. We then made our way over to Smith Rock which seemed to pop out of now where and was an absolute gem. The towering rocks and desert landscape was captivating and mesmerizing. We watched Gregor climb for a bit and then took for a hike around which took us up high for a nice overlook and for a front row seat to some epic climbs going on. We were very impressed with what Smith Rock offered and amazed with how it was just down the road from Gregor and Brynn's place. We then ended our Redmond tour with some delicious, very delicious tacos. We loved our day with the Peirce's and loved little Redmond and would totally live there if a job took us there. Also, gotta mention Gregor homemade pumpkin pie because we came! I almost didn't join Riley on this trip to trick-or-treat and dress up for Halloween. . . but so glad we did! 

Pics from the Alpaca Farm! 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Silver Falls & Eugene!


Oct. 30-Nov.1st: After Redmond, we drove to Avery and Meg's apartment in Eugene! The drive was pretty but also so sad to see all the burned down houses and trees from the recent forrest fires in Oregon. It was so great to stay at their place a couple nights! Avery and Meg are so good with our kids and fun to be around. It brought back memories of being newlyweds in TVA living in college apartments. Their place was so cute and they are so in love. The first day we went to silver falls and did the trail of 10 falls. We did this five years ago before we moved to Tokyo, and was fun to do years later with the kids and Avery. Such a pretty hike with so many great waterfalls.  On Sunday we did church with them and then drove back to Redmond for one more final day of adventures in Oregon.