Monday, October 26, 2020

Sunday in the Slots (Day 4)

Oct 26th: Sunday was our last day in Zion. We woke up early and caught sunrise on the Canyon Overlook hike. We knew we wanted to do Sacrament Meeting somewhere but didn't know where we could do it. The top of the hike was a bit too crowded and we couldn't find a nice secluded spot for church so we hiked back to the cars. From the parking lot, we noticed a path that led down into a small opening. We decided to check it out and after wandering a bit down we found our perfect spot for church, all alone and secluded and surrounded by the tall, beautiful red rock canyon walls. We had a really nice Sacrament meeting (as they always are in nature) and felt a sweet spirit as we worshipped together as family. After our meeting we wandered a bit more and found ourselves walking through a stunning slot canyon. It was not only amazing because of the natural beauty of it but because we were also the only ones it, a huge blessing since a slot canyon was the only thing we hadn't checked off our list while in Zion. It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip... and then the drive home in a snow storm added any adrenaline that was missing for the day. 

Our Sacrament spot: 

Ethan's donuts that saved the day. Luke was obsessed. Kept him happy after dayz of hiking!

how the car ride back went. messy roads and messy boy.

Also HUGE thanks to the Kirtons for letting us stay at their house and break up the long drive to Zion!
A couple snapshots of the cousins:

Riley took this, pretty much every night it looks like this:
on the road again. . . 

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