Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hot Springs Day

9/22/20: We started the day with a morning walk to a hot spring that was included in our motel. It had big barn doors that opened with a view. Then we drove around stopping to admire the views and take pictures. On the way back to Boise, we stopped by two additional hot springs and got in (boat box, and kirkham). Three hot springs in one day! We probably smelled real nice like sulfur by the time we made it back haha.  The third one was probably our favorite and not even pictured, we walked clear to the furthest pool and had a nice scenic view at kirkham. We loved our time in Stanley.

Stanley 18 Mile Day!

9/21/2020: When we were in Japan we saw some pictures from this past summer of a backpacking trip my relatives went on. We were drooling at the pretty sawtooth mountains and dreamed of nature and hiking there. . . had zero idea it would actually happen this year.

We hiked the 'alice lake toxaway loop' in one day. Normally you do this hike in 2-3 days and camp and play at the lakes but we ended up doing it in the one. It was a lot of miles, but was unreal beautiful and hands-down one of our favorite hikes together! Clay did so good in his carrier all day, and we saw some pretty amazing views. Already anxious to go back looking at all these pictures again.

Stanley Lake!

One of the highlights of our time in America was going to Stanley, Idaho. My parents watched Luke (because Clay is still nursing) and we took off for the weekend and did some great hiking. These pictures are from our first day after the drive we did a little hike and hung out by the beautiful Stanley Lake.

Growing up we would snowmobile trips to Stanley every year, but it was a whole new world being in Stanley in the Autumn when it isn't covered in snow.