Sunday, November 1, 2020

Green Lakes Hiking- Oregon

Nov 2. 2020: We hiked to Green Lakes around Sisters, near Bend, Oregon! We did 11 miles and covered a lot of pretty landscape. Looking back at this hike I remember racing Luke down the mountain 'being cars' for over a mile. We are realizing soon he will no longer be in the hiking bag and much enjoys walking for himself (which is unfortunately much slower). We want to root a deep love for nature and love for outdoors in our kids,  I think to do this we will have to change a bit and go shorter distances and let them explore on own. It will be interesting to see how our outings change in the years to come as the boys grow. 

We also came across a black fox, which we thought 100% thought was a bear cub for a little in the distance which was funny to see our different reactions in the bear spotting... lets just say I would be the one attacked and Riley would live to tell our story ;)

Lots of photos, just following these two for hours.

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