Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July in Japan

It hasn’t been the traditional red, white and blue, outdoor BBQs and boating kinda July that I love. . . However, it’s been a really good month with my firecracker boys.

This month has been record heats in Japan and factoring in humidity you can just plan on being hot and sweaty alllll the time. It’s been sun-dresses everyday weather because you need something breezy and occasionally dumping water bottles on yourself to keep cool. We have spent our days eating popsicles and at splash pads. Lots of family bike rides and sushi runs. We found a indoor “mommy and me singing time” class and nursery and library (with a big English section!) that we are excited about. 

Riley grew out his facial hair and had a super nice beard and took his first ever business trip to Sapporo and presented in Japanese! We had cousin Kristin come stay for a couple days too which was really fun too. I started a 365 day passion project and have spent my beloved nap time hour drawing daily and watching YouTube tutorials and skillshare classes, it’s been so fun. . . but my blog is being neglected. But here is a catchup of july and some favorite memories:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

twenty-eight wishes

Twenty Eight Wishes

This month I turned 28! That sounds so stinkin' old— only a couple more years left in my 20s.  I still feel like I’m a kid though and just kinda stuck between these two worlds of growing up. 

I keep thinking of one decade ago it’s neat to see how much has happened and how life progresses and was better than I could of even imagined then. I can't help of thinking back and being so grateful, but also wishing I could go back in time and tell myself a few things and avoid some pain and heartache. So, I decided to write twenty-eight wishes and advice for my 18 year old self (kinda like that country song to his 17 year old self). 

Ten years ago, I was entering my senior year of high school and about to face one of the most painful years of my life. If I was to go back to my 18 year old self these are the things I would tell her:

Hello 18.

1. YOUR SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL WILL JUST PLAIN STINK, BUT YOU WILL MAKE IT. This year you will have a friend pass-away, another friend drop-out and go to rehab, you will experience depression. You will get in a car wreck with a bus and have the world's lamest boyfriend, but you WILL MAKE IT OUT ALIVE AND ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. College is much better. . . . I promise.

2. Actually if this is a letter to myself, I would DUMP that boy right now. BOYFRIENDS ARE SO OVERRATED.  I know you feel like you need a boyfriend to be happy, but you don't. . . you will go through a new boyfriend every year and it turns out the one summer you spend single is actually the best one in terms of quality dates and fun (you even kiss two different boys the same day!) Ohh, and your first engagement won't work out, but don't worry. . . you will find someone even better and marry him in the temple at age 24.

3. Wear your retainer, save yourself from get braces again. . . 

4. Home is truly the best, enjoy it, you will miss it! You will spend the next 9 years after you graduate away from home for the most part. You will live in Hawaii, Alaska, New York, and Japan over the next decade, as fun as that sounds. . . you will miss Idaho and being home more than you ever know... enjoy it now.

5.  Wake up early, read your scriptures every morning and pray- your day will be so much better, i promise. Best habit. 

6. You mom and dad are usually right about EVERYTHING, they actually give really good advise and want your best. Listen to them-- tell them you love them more often. Give backscratches and feet rubs whenever they want-- they work too hard just for you/siblings.

7. Don't take up longboarding, even if you think it is cool. You will crash and burn and won't ever fully recover. 

8. Think before you speak, and look people in the eye. . . 

9. Pay attention in History class, your husband would appreciate it. 

10. There is a fine line between being self-critical and improving yourself, and being critical and causing harm to your spirit. You can pretty much just eliminate all critical thinking actually. . . and replace with positive affirmations and some yoga.

11. Try new things, you are really talented. 

12. You are a Daughter of God first, remember that.

13. The music you listen too is important and creates a mood. 

14. Take moments to pause and think about the "bigger picture."

15. If something is wrong, God will give you clarity, never doubts.

16. All you need is 30 seconds of insane courage in so many situations.

17. Avoid rush and haste, eat slowly, chew and enjoy food while you can.

18.  You will face a lot of challenges, they will either bring you closer to God or destroy you. You decide though.

19. Everyone has some Child of God in them. Try to find it.

20.  Finish your sentences. 

21. Learn your scripture masteries. . . it would be super helpful on your mission. . . 

22.  Oh yah, you will go on a mission and come home early. It will be the best 8 months ever, you wont understand why you got sick and had to come home. . . but it will make sense eventually and you do eventually get better too. 

23. When you live in Hawaii realize that bikinis are super over-rated and one pieces stay-on better in the ocean anyways. . . 

24. Steer thoughts away from self, and serve others more. This is what makes you most happy. 

25. A walk outside around dusk is always a good idea. 

26. When you get dressed and look nice, you feel nice. 

27. Start fresh each week, repent more often and continually make goals and be consistent. 

28. It always seems to be hard before it gets better. For ever good choice, there is normally Satan there trying to get inside too. Don't let him in, it always gets better.