Friday, September 30, 2022

So long September...

September was a month that brought a lot of challenges.. Riley went back to work for a few weeks (he divided up his paternity leave) and so I was on my own lots of days with three kids and it was hard. Just felt trapped with these three kids out and on a bike was really hard and brought a ton of anxiety. We had a lot of rain and hormones were still quite off, I'll leave it at that. SO long september, glad you are over. 
.... Although looking back at these pictures, lots of happy moments in the chaos. 

just one of clays many melt-downs of laying on the ground. Needing a nap, just worn out and grumpy. This one happened to be at swim lessons on the busy locker grounds. 

but don't worry we had lots of great times without meltdowns too :) 

One of the biggest highlight was the weekend with Ethan and Chelsea! 

Sidewalk stories

These pictures are from early September, it's now December. The only thing that has changed is the season, these boys are still as wild, messy, and the best of friends. I hope that last one never changes. Sidewalk chalk is always a messy medium for anyone, especially for these two. Luke discovered if you ground it and mix it with just the right amount of water you can make some nice paint which he called "cement"-- it hardens and leaves a nice chalky film, works wonders for your complexion... we will be selling bottles next spring ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Belgium with Nana & Papa Moncur

Train ride to Belgium! During my parents visit to Amsterdam we decided to hit the road and visit Brugge and Antwerp. We love Brugge and will take any excuse to stuff our faces with waffles and chocolate and visited the city Antwerp for the first time. It was a great trip and just loved walking around together exploring. We did the boat tour in Bruges for first time which never got documents and the rest of the photos are a kinda jumbled/out of order mix of great memories during this fabulous weekend on the road exploring these two cities.