Friday, December 8, 2023

Switzerland- Day 2 North Face Trail

August 22, 2023: We spend the majority of this day hiking! It was really fun hiking as a group and was so proud of Luke for walking so many miles on his own and my parents for coming along and having no time to adjust to jet lag but hitting the ground strong helping with kids and playing along. The North Face Trail was so beautiful and loved looping up and down and around through the swiss country hearing cowbells in the distance.  It was so cute to see my Dad and Luke bond so fast and was really grateful for them and all the help and good entertainment and yummy snack. We played lots of ispy and "20 questions" guessing game along the trail. 

views from the outhouse

the start
the end

Switzerland- Day 1 Murren


August 21, 2023: We flew from Amsterdam and my parents flew from America and we both met in Switzerland! We flew into different airports,  and the plan was to meet in Basel and head to the mountains together as we both shared this stretch together up the mountain. Looking back now, it was soo crazy but mostly miraculous how we both managed to find one another and meet up. When my parents arrived in Geneva, they texted and called and let us know they landed but then their phones stop working and credit cards all wouldn't work to buy train tickets at the same time, so we had no idea if they got tickets or made it on the train and how we would all meet up. 

We decided to continue with the plan and figured they would catch another train if they didn't make it and they would figure out phones or borrow someones and we would meet up. . .  but no text came and had no idea if they were still at airport or what happened and if everything was OK! I was googling events to see if there was some terrisom attack at airport, I was so stressed for them haha. We decided to stay in Basel and just check the platform for them when trains from geneva arrived. We found a playground for the kids right next to the station and at the first possible train they could be on I went to find them at the platform to see if they happened to make the train!  Just when all the people had exited and got off the train and no signs of them my mom spotted me from the train window (they made it on it... but had no plans to get off in Basel and planned to continue to Murren on that train.. which wouldn't of gone to murren) . . . so it was miraculous my mom happened to spot me, that they didn't continue on that train because we would of be stuck in Basel checking the platform each time. So was amazing it all worked out and made seeing each other extra sweet. 

We walked around Basel for a little bit, got some gelato and made out way to Murren which would be our home base for most the week. It was a airway cablecar and train ride up the mountain together which was really fun and I think everyone was in awe when we arrived at the proximity of the mountains and the shire size of them. We went to the grocery store and loaded up and Riley and me had a nice evening walk together and saw the sun go down through the mountains.  We arrived in heaven.