About Me

Written by her, inspired by him, all about us. 

My mom told me when I was born fireworks were going off outside the hospital window for me.  I was born in the summer time on July 3rd, 1990. Normally, you associate fireworks with the 4th of July. . . but that year in Idaho the fireworks came early. July 3rd just happens to be the day Idaho became a state. . .  and in 1990, when i was born, it was Idaho's 100th birthday and my birth too. So I became a centennial baby in Idaho and still am. I love my state and red, white and blue.

 I love the summer time and I crave the outdoors. I like country music, traveling, and grapes. My family is my whole world. I have a testimony of God and his son Jesus Christ. It is through the gospel of Jesus Christ that real happiness is established and peace.

 I was married to my best friend, Riley Stevenson on May 23rd, 2015 in the Boise, Idaho temple. It was my favorite day and the best decision of my life.  You can read our love story and hear more about our wedding and see lots of pictures in the other links if you are feeling all sappy and lovey.

  I hold a degree from Brigham Young University Hawaii in Exercise and Health Science with a  Intercultural Peacebuilding Certificate. I love being healthy and active and doing things that make me happy and feel good inside... like running, kissing, service, and taking long naps. 

This space is where I'll document and journal the experiences Riley and I have together -- from Idaho to Hawaii to California and all the places in between and memories we share together. 

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