Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jan 2023

News Years in Amsterdam is CRAZY. The fireworks here and duration is something to experience. They just go ALL night and not just your typical convenient store fireworks from America I grew up with, these are big and loud and dangerous and sound like bombs going off all night. In the morning you see bikes, trash cans, and things blown up. January was 

New Years Party at our house, did not go until midnight :) 

Clay turned !!
and why did the person taking the picture never tell me about Lucy's handband over her eyes.. 

cute brunch date 

future brunch daters

Clay is my little pal while Luke is at school 

I dont wear him normally in pack but we tried it out, growing so fast 

Lucy fan club

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

love letters to lucy: heirloom

Jan 17, 2023: 
Dear Lucy,  
You are squawking right now just wanting held ALL THE TIME. It is hard to be productive with you being so dependent, but I try to remember that this is just a stage and enjoy the time I get to hold and wear you wrapped around me like an accessory. You cry the minute I leave your sight and so very very attached, and one day you probably will prefer me not to be so attached to you and out of sight (I hope not!).

This outfit you are wearing are your Grandma Moncurs when she was a baby! My grandma (Gma Chadderdon) kept them all these years to save just for you. I have been thinking how special they are and how neat she saved them, I plan to save them for your daughter one day. I have been thinking about heirlooms. . . how they form a bond between family past and family future. I have never been one to hold onto objects but I love this and learning they can be a reminder of people you love but at the same time turn our minds to love ones unborn.  

I also think of this blog in a similar way-- stories, letters, photos and adventures documented for you to remember in years to come and pass on to your kids. So here is a couple sort stories of you lately:

-You love being in the 'carrier' wrap and riding the bike with me. You peak your head up and out, rain or shine you enjoy to be out looking up or taking a nap against me. 

- Your brothers  are ways saying and and interpreting what you are thinking because you can't communicate for yourself (other than crying). They are always watching out for you: "Lucy no, no likes that." "Lucy wants to play this. .." and so on. It's cute, they build these entertainment areas for you with a doll tied up on a plant and tracks and dinos around you are really just try to include and entertain you in things which makes me happy. You already light up when Luke is talking to you and hope you all are best mates. 

- You are such a good sleeper at night! It's been cold at night so normally just like you in our bed next to me to keep you close and warm. But wow, you really struggle during the day with naps and just too much excitement going on that you can hardly focus on nursing and just want to see what loud and mischievous things are around you. 

- You show great potential to be a sports fan like your dad! I have caught you and your dad watching a game or you staring at the game across the room completely focus and oblivious of anything else. 

Just a few on my mind!

Monday, January 2, 2023


Three kids is wild! It honestly feels a lot like being pulled behind a boat in an inner-tube. It’s a continuous bumpy ride with water flying up and just holding on at times for dear life. . . You occasionally get bucked off but it hurts, but it’s so exciting and challenging you just get back on and keep going and want to ride more because you love it too. Some photos from these first few months.