Tuesday, January 17, 2023

love letters to lucy: heirloom

Jan 17, 2023: 
Dear Lucy,  
You are squawking right now just wanting held ALL THE TIME. It is hard to be productive with you being so dependent, but I try to remember that this is just a stage and enjoy the time I get to hold and wear you wrapped around me like an accessory. You cry the minute I leave your sight and so very very attached, and one day you probably will prefer me not to be so attached to you and out of sight (I hope not!).

This outfit you are wearing are your Grandma Moncurs when she was a baby! My grandma (Gma Chadderdon) kept them all these years to save just for you. I have been thinking how special they are and how neat she saved them, I plan to save them for your daughter one day. I have been thinking about heirlooms. . . how they form a bond between family past and family future. I have never been one to hold onto objects but I love this and learning they can be a reminder of people you love but at the same time turn our minds to love ones unborn.  

I also think of this blog in a similar way-- stories, letters, photos and adventures documented for you to remember in years to come and pass on to your kids. So here is a couple sort stories of you lately:

-You love being in the 'carrier' wrap and riding the bike with me. You peak your head up and out, rain or shine you enjoy to be out looking up or taking a nap against me. 

- Your brothers  are ways saying and and interpreting what you are thinking because you can't communicate for yourself (other than crying). They are always watching out for you: "Lucy no, no likes that." "Lucy wants to play this. .." and so on. It's cute, they build these entertainment areas for you with a doll tied up on a plant and tracks and dinos around you are really just try to include and entertain you in things which makes me happy. You already light up when Luke is talking to you and hope you all are best mates. 

- You are such a good sleeper at night! It's been cold at night so normally just like you in our bed next to me to keep you close and warm. But wow, you really struggle during the day with naps and just too much excitement going on that you can hardly focus on nursing and just want to see what loud and mischievous things are around you. 

- You show great potential to be a sports fan like your dad! I have caught you and your dad watching a game or you staring at the game across the room completely focus and oblivious of anything else. 

Just a few on my mind!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Paris, France

October 22nd, 23rd 2022: We spend the end of our trip in Paris! We studied a bit about the Eiffel Tower before our trip so seeing that in person with the boys really stands out and made the city more memorable for them. It was the end of an action-packed week here and finally made it after a 3 hour drive and a massive train delay that caused us to miss our Orsay time so needless to say the travel fatigue was definitely setting in but we still really enjoyed our day and a half in Paris. Enjoyed some nice Sunday afternoon walks down all the picturesque Parisian streets and taking in the city life. 

Luke was really into the Eiffel tower and was really excited to go see it so that made it all extra fun. 

The Notre Dame Cathedral, still unfortunately closed but still really impressive. 

In the end, the thing that captured Luke's heart wasn't the Eiffel but Ramen. We found out one of our favorite ramen chains in Tokyo was here in Paris and our little Tokyo boy was so excited. Had fun busting out our chopstick skills again and according to Luke the ramen lived up to the memory and did not disappoint (although Dad would say otherwise). 

Hehehe. We saw a 13 year old boy cracking up at this sign, talking a selfie, naturally we had to follow suit and get a tampon zone pic. 
Obligatory merry-go-round for the boys, as a reward for being hauled around by mom and dad for the week. 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Honfleur, France

Oct.21st, 2022: The last stop on our road trip was Honfleur, and boy, this place was quite charming and magical. Would make the short-list of favorite towns we've been to in Europe. Just had the 'you could totally live here' vibe to it. It did help that it was October and not July, according to a local artist we talked to, the place just gets dumped on from cruise ship tourists all summer. It was hard to leave Honfleur and we all wished we had more time there. 

We love it when we time it right to get market day when we're in town. We wondered around this cute Saturday market humming 'There goes the baker with his tray like always...'

The boys choice of market goods.

One reason why we loved Honfleur was the amount of art shops and local artists. If we ever go back, we'd probably buy something from this place. Chatted with the artist for a bit and loved his work. 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mont Saint-Michel

Next stop on our France roadtrip was Mont Saint-Michel!  This was the first thing we actually booked, just after our flights was a night here. If we have learned anything in our travels. . . It’s the real magic of a place happens early morning or night, when the tour buses are all gone and things become still and you get the place to yourself. And this place had quite the fairytale magic: an abbey built on an island surrounded by water. 

We loved our day on Mont Saint-Michel. The thing that stands out most is our morning walk around the entire abbey. It was low tide so the boys loved playing in the sand, getting stuck in the mud and walking around the outside taking in the views of Mont Saint-Michel and scenes of the surrounding landscape. 
You cant tell from the pictures but these rocks were incredibly slippery and slick surround by very thick, un-passable mud which made it a bit challenging helping Luke while also making sure not to fall with Lucy.  We did have a Good Samaritan come to the rescue, a studly older Frenchmen saw Luke struggling, so he turned back and gave Luke a piggy-back ride out of the slippery rocks and mud. 

Our sunrise spot. 

The best mates 

This little one-room chapel gave us Count of Monte Cristo vibes. Pretty fun to imagine what it must of been like back in the day, old time sailors getting in their last worship and prayers in before setting off on an unknown adventure. 

A better view of how slippery and muddy this section was. Grateful for the studly Frenchman and for the family memories made :)