Monday, February 17, 2020

Clay and Dad

Dad and Clay (2 weeks old)!  I took advantage of Riley working from home one day and made him take a break while the sun was still up and took some photos of these two. Riley was unable to hold Clay for the days I was in the hospital and wanted some pictures of the two while still a newborn. I swear Clay changes and grows every single day. . . just more and more chunky :)

Riley is the greatest husband and father. He keeps life entertaining both day and night (with his talk sleeping/singing lately)! I'm so grateful for all he does for our family. I'm seriously in awe of his energy, kindness, ambition, selflessness, and just passion for living and ability to provide for all of us lately. I love you Riley, our boys are so lucky to call you Dad.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Stir Crazy

The past couple weeks have been spent indoors.  We have managed a million diaper changes, daily laundry loads, countless sleepless hours, and more cartoons than usual. We've been 'playing it safe' with baby Clay and getting a little stir crazy and trying to establish some routines. Riley stayed home the first two weeks and took time off/worked from home and was a HUGE help in the adjustment doing the grocery shopping and letting me nap a few times. He has made the transition back to the office now and we are doing good, excited for warmer weather.

Luke has been so good with accepting his new brother! He is always sharing his toys and including him, he has taken up liking a pacifier though (for the first time ever, just two years late...) and insisting on being carried a few times... but honestly has done SO GOOD and has been nothing but soft and affectionate to Clay. I'm just trying to manage to show love and attention to both of them. Clay is a daytime sleeper, so one afternoon Luke jumped on the bed and let me take pictures. 


He insisted on a picture with his bubbles in mouth...

Just want to remember these happy times, among the hard moments and transition.
Here is how we really feel. . . 

I have gotten pooped or peed or barfed on everyday. . . 

and we play a lot of Uno. . . meet the champion of +2s! 
This was taken the first morning Riley went to work, I felt so accomplished when he was home from work the house was clean and I had makeup on. . . 
also was proud of this illustration this past week... daydreaming about a real nursery and learned a little about animation (see pacifier ha!)
Life is sweet.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Clay's Birth Story

Clay came into the world fast. I woke up with contractions on Monday morning January 27th. I honestly was SO excited, I didn't have any real contractions or Braxton Hicks before this point and was just tired of being pregnant. I was just SO GLAD my body was finally preparing for labor. . . I wondered when the baby would actually come though! I remember wishing for that night, or the next day on my due date. I told Riley about the contractions, but felt it was likely a long time coming still and he kissed me and Luke goodbye and left for work. I FaceTimed my sister Kenzie and remember us all laughing at me and Luke's epic bedhead and having a contraction or two during phone call.

I had a doctors appointment that day at 10am and had a few hours at home before to get me and Luke ready and out the door. Decided to take a bath and shower together with Luke. The contractions meanwhile kept getting stronger and more painful and were regular, Luke was the winner for being a distraction and felt extra needy!

Around 8:30am, I texted Riley to actually come home and be there for doctors with me. My contractions were getting bad and closer together. I was so grateful the hospital was a few minute walk away! So Riley, turned around to bike home after shortly after arriving to work. I was hoping I wasn’t being a wimp for having him come back.

Just after 10am, we all left to the doctors appointment together as a family. We checked in per usual, but then decided to tell them about contractions and I was able to bypass the typical wait and a few minutes later they checked my cervix and next thing I know they brought in a wheelchair and rushed us away to delivery area in hospital.

I remember my eyes filling up with tears as I sat down in wheelchair to go, I looked at all the expecting moms and then looked into Riley’s eyes. I was so scared for the upcoming hours, but also so excited our baby was really coming and here.

We got to the delivery room and still had Luke... i had texted a friend and she was on standby to come get him if needed and so messaged her and Riley left me for home to gather some stuff for Luke and meet up with Necia.

I was then alone in the delivery room in labor (at a 4), with two Japanese midwifes. They didn’t speak English, so there was some google translate and sign language. They were perfect though... coaching me through breathing through each contraction and relaxing during the calm. They brought me cold and hot packs and knew just want to do. I was in lots of pain, but felt in control and told my body to just wait until Riley was here. The doctor came in and introduced himself in perfect English!! He was from Poland and half Japanese. It was such a tender mercy to hear english and felt power to do this and fears subsided slightly.

They checked me again and I was an 8! I was in shock and worried where Riley was! In reality, he was probably gone less than 20 minutes but things were progressing soo fast and was so painful. I texted my friend I was at at 8 and she was still 10 minutes away! I kept telling my body and baby to just wait.

The baby was still really high but apparently, the midwifes had me reposition eventually and sit up and was a 9, and then Riley was there! They taught Riley some pressure point on my ankle and put heat on my feet. I seriously felt like I was a 9 foreverrrr though and just wanted everything over.

The midwifes said something about releasing pee and catheter, and started doing something down there.... but then during whatever they were doing, it was all a sudden game time and I felt it. The baby engaged more and pressure and just was time to go!!

Doctors came and others and the pushing started. I don’t know how many times I pushed, just remember them telling me not to push at one point but needing too and there was screaming and oh the pain! And then the doctor telling me the head is out and to look down and keep pushing more and then he was here!!

I remember looking at him and him being so blue though, so so blue and then moving him to side and just blue. I was so worried and heard a cry, but still so blue.

Then my body started shaking uncontrollably, I couldn’t stop shaking and shivering. I was conscious but couldn’t stop, lots of people came in and worked on me, gave me IV, took blood pressures over and over and hooked me up to machine, I kept shaking and couldn’t control it. It was so strange/scary and just remember wanting Riley to look at baby and see if he’s okay and not blue. It was interesting because I felt alert and knew but couldn’t control it. Eventually things calmed, baby was breathing and I stopped.

Then came more pain and pushing on stomach and draining and stitching. I just know the pain didn’t stop at all after the birth and took awhile. Eventually it was the three of us and there was so much feelings to relief to be over, triumph, and sooo much love for this new little/big guy!

Clay Nelson Stevenson - 8 pounds 9 ounces/ 55cm long

 Riley was only able to hold Clay the very first day, we had no idea. Once we moved out of the hospital room guest could only view Clay through the window! It was such a bummer, hence not too many pictures of Riley and Clay at hospital. 
 They also have us this to take home and cherish.... 

Luke's first time meeting his brother Clay!

In the hospital I had to take a class on diaper changing, breast feeding, and bathing a baby! It was nice the first baby, but the second baby we were all ready to be together as a family. I requested to leave hospital early, and was able to go home after the forth day if all cleared by docs. 

Luke and Riley had a great few days together and visited me at the hospital a few times a day. 
 The view from my window

My room! I shared with 6 other new moms...was so grateful to have the window spot! 
The 'mother's room' ! I was able to go to the mother's room and visit the baby anytime (which i spent most my days). It was great though, because I could also leave and shower and could sleep and the nurses would just get me if needed or wake me up at night to feed. 


 Came home to a clean house and this 'plate' sign!!! Luke and Riley finally getting to hold and cuddle clay for the first time.