Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Feb 16-17: We flew into Madrid and immediately were warm and lovin the country. The language, the music,  the city, the sun.... ooohhh the sun felt SO good, after soo many months in darkness in Amsterdam haha. I remember Luke stripping off his jackets and running in the warm heat yelling "SUMMER!!!." My friend went to Spain the week before and so was asking what to pack and she said all the locals are still in heavy jackets, but coming from Amsterdam it felt so warm and good and long sleeve/light jacket weather for us! We love walking the city, the streets of Madrid and Barcelona were colorful and bright and fun, it almost seemed to me you were wearing orange tinted glasses all the time. We tried lots of local cuisine, I think the favorite Madrid food was the warm churros and chocolate and the Spanish tortilla, and patatas bravas. We love the prices too, and how the city comes alive at night. The only casualty of the trip was our stroller that got stollen from our apartment ground floor, lessons learned.  

Alyssa's favorite cathedral 

Palacio de Cristal was definitely one of the cooler exhibits we've been too. The location was in the middle of the El Retiro Park and the glass building was a really cool setting. It felt like something out of 'Where the Wild Things Are'. The whole place just felt like something that some kids imagination just brought to life.  

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