Thursday, January 27, 2022

Chronicles of Clay- 2 years old!

Jan 29th, 2022: Clay is TWO!! His birthday was actually the 27th but he was sick as a dog so we waited until the weekend to celebrate. We had a great celebration, Luke made it so fun actually. He has been learning about "parties" in school and drew up all the decorations and went to the store and picked them out did all the plans for the party. We both woke up at 6am to blow up a million balloons and hang flags and make pancakes. We blew up a little inflatable pool and filled with balloons and Luke was inside ready to say SURPRISE at 7am (when he normally wakes up)... but of course the only day Clay has ever slept in until 8:30! But we were ready! Had a great morning and opened up this little basketball hoop for the boys. We had fun setting up together and playing and then went out to pizza and explored more of amsterdam!

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