Thursday, January 13, 2022

Chronicles of Clay- almost 2!

I pulled out my camera for the first time this year and snapped some picture of Clay. The sun was out of hiding and shinning through my bedroom, which also happens to be Clay's bedroom these days (his choice, not ours). I feel like my quality time with Clay has increased with Luke being at school these days. He probably took Luke going to school the very hardest and still is a puddle whenever he leaves the house but quickly changes his tune when he realizes he has access and free range to all the toys.

Clay has a bit of a speech development problem and pronounces majority of his C/K like Ts. So his name is "Tay" lately, and everyone has adjusted and also call him Tay! We love our Tay and think he is very toot=cute. He has yet to get a haircut and his curly natural mullet is making its way down his back. He laughs and loves all the potty humor and has become quite fond of cars like his brother and loves balls, even enjoys watching games with Dad.

I have been calling Clay my little "hype man" lately because he always responds with an enthusiastic "YAH!!" for everything we do, like its the best thing ever:
Let's go upstairs. YAH!!
Let's start the laundry. YAH!!
Should we pick up Luke? YAH!
Should he make dinner? YAH!!

Clay and Luke are very opposites in personalities in many ways, but are the best buddies. Clay is very stubborn and set with his ways and particularities.He is slow to backdown or give in and fast to say no or disobey. Clay is very dramatic when things don't go his way, falling face forward to the ground and completely loosing it. He still doesn't sleep though the night well and loves to make sure we are close and water is available all hours. 

Clay loves his pockets, and our pockets, always filling them with toy cars and small objects he finds. He loves his pocket filled with Cheerios or crackers always there are prepared with a snack. When I went out of town last month he went to a friend's house while Riley worked and Clay insisted on having his heavy coat on and would not take off his jacket the entire time there because he wanted his Cheerios pocket close. 

Tay is obsessed with belly's and loves when a little skin is exposed and tickling everyone's tummies calling them "sweet belly." He has mastered "tacking" and can take down Luke and loves to wrestle and run laps with Luke racing the hallways together (sorry neighbors). He runs away at the sound of 'scripture study and prayer', and can't get him to be reverent to save our lives.  We love Tay and all the spice he brings into our home and can't believe he turns TWO in a couple weeks. So grateful Riley has worked from home his ENTIRE LIFE and secretly all hope that never changes. 


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