Sunday, January 2, 2022



THIS PAST YEAR! WOW! It's been one for the books. I get overwhelmed posting about it because so much has happened and so many great little adventures and blessings this year. 

We started out January 2021 with Riley thick in the job hunt, interviewing and applying and getting rejected and trying to find something new. We very much had grown out of our one bedroom apartment in Tokyo and we were ready to move on. In March, he got offered a job in Amsterdam and we took it. Not his dream job, but our dream place. We've been wanting to go to move to the Nike Europe Headquarters.
We enjoyed our last season of Cherry Blossoms. I'll miss Japan's favorite sport: flower viewing. 

In April we went to Ishigaki, Okinawa and had the best time! The next few months we spent our time loving up Japan and getting as much ramen and sushi in belly as possible. Just really trying to maximize our months as we wait for visas and move. 

In the middle of June we moved to Amsterdam! We lived the next three months in a museum, sorta. 

In July we went to Belgium and Austria. 

In August we went to France, Italy, and Switzerland hiking near Mt. Blac. 

In September, my parents came to Amsterdam and we took a road-trip across Germany and moved into our new home.

In October, we were sick a bunch, but managed to homemake cars for Halloween Party and furnished home. 

In November, Luke started Dutch Primary School full-time, Riley started tennis lessons, and we found out I was pregnant.

In December, we did some more France and Switzerland and Alyssa took a solo trip to US.
Avery and Meg came and we went back to Belgium and loved our few days with them. 

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