Sunday, September 10, 2017

Magical Weekends

In August, we went to a really neat museum. It had a special Disney exhibit at the time with original work and drawings with makings of all the classical movies. We weren't allowed to photograph inside, but they also had a magical "Tangled" room with floating lanterns that we could! It was such a neat place. We spent the rest of the weekend at home watching Pocahontas and singing disney songs. I cant wait until Luke is a little older to start watching all the movies and fall in love with the magic of Disney all over again.

Another magical weekend, we splurged and got a Frozen S'more and Watermelon Sandwiches from Dominque Ansel's Bakery.  The S'more is made from Tahitian vanilla icecream covered in chocolate flakes and then enrobed in honey marshmallow. When you order they put on a wooden branch and torch it. It was a fun date, too bad I can't taste haha.

Also... had to put this picture in! This is normally how we spend our weekends. Luke and Riley listening to music and playing around.

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  1. hahaha love that last one. A day in the life! Luke with that hat... good looking family!