Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Spontaneous America Trip!

In September, the Japan border restrictions lifted for Japanese residence to travel and return back home. We had canceled our trip to the US earlier in the summer because we wouldn’t have be able to return home.

We were bummed, but had planned a new adventure within japan as an alternative trip. We were actually booking our flights to Hokkaido, when Riley decided to look to see how much it would be to fly to the US and found a seriously great affordable flight that we couldn’t pass up. It was in three days!

We booked a 2 month trip home to the states, Riley would work japan hours (5pm to 3am) from US and we would catch up on family time and introduce Clay to the grandparents, see Whitney after her mission return, and make it just in time for Ethan and Chelsea’s wedding! It’s been a dream come true, and the hours haven’t been as terrible as anticipated for Riley (knock on wood).

We called up Riley’s parents and confirmed things and they were on board, even cancelling their flights to help drive with us to Utah for the wedding (another tender mercy). We surprised siblings and my family and it’s been a great few weeks and my heart is especially full.

Sad empty airports. Strange times. 

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