Monday, August 31, 2020

Rainbow Bridge Run

We ran across Tokyo’s iconic rainbow bridge from our house this month! Riley did it first and raves about it all week and the following week I did it. Another half-marathon for the books! We both decided it made the “top 5 fav run" of all-time and had to document it. 

It’s been running lately that has filled me with gratitude  and strengthened my love for Japan and for where we live now, knowing what a unique opportunity it is. I know one day I will miss running these streets and always having something new to discover. There is something so beautiful about running, about using your body as means of transportation to experience a world that only exists on foot. I had to stop on the bridge and snap a few photos and a sweaty selfie! 

I’m not fast or a talented runner, I have no idea why rhythmically lifting both feet off the ground and awkward arm swings and labored breath can be so appealing... but running has been a source of joy and satisfaction my whole life.  Running has helped me through some of the most challenging times and been a way to get headspace and unwind. These days it’s the way I connect with my self again and feel alive, not weighed down from carrying kids and keeping up with the constant demands that come with little ones. A chance to unplug from the world, ponder and be grateful for body and free.

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