Thursday, August 27, 2020

Chronicles of Clay- 7 Months

Today makes 7 months with our little, big Clay! You have to watch Clay closely-- he is a full-time moving vacuum cleaner and destroyer of Luke's towers.  He choked a few times and even swallowed and digested some clay (playdough) that was later found in diaper. Luke is always building road-blocks in attempts to keep him from knocking down his creations. He started more solids, grew a few more teeth (zoom in to see those front ones) and is biting, and even pulling himself up on things! Growing way too fast. Clay has been initiated into the daily home wresting matches and loves playing with Luke (until things get too rough anyways).  Let the games begin!
 Avocado boogies
Big fans of PB over here, Clay included

 This boy is in everything, 2 minutes later the tomatoes were all over the floor. . . 

They share clothes: one day Luke, next day Clay, half-way through day, dirty clothes bin.
 Train adventures
both outside and indoors, see luke's train below 

these days are SO hot. . , 

. . . that one time Luke took a nap and Clay! Nap eclipse. I just decided to sit and enjoy the moment. 
The sleeping arrangement these days. . . 

Going to have to lower the crib, pulling himself up 

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