Sunday, August 2, 2020

Snapshots July!

sooo sweaty all the time, Japanese summers....
boxes are very valuable at our house

 Riley's 'office' space, going on 6 months of working from home.
(the blinds are closed because Clay is napping 2 feet away)

 Luke always making friends at the park, and mom struggling to say friend's name :)

We took a family dentist trip! Luke did awesome and had one cavity and is currently obsessed with mouthwash, squirting it out like a squirtgun. I had to limit his mouthwashing to twice a day.
epic jenga towers 
... lots of rain (but think we are out of the rainy season finally)
 Luke actually request to wear his mask. . . 
also loves to climb these days
and this little mask wearing statue, because so fitting for this time.

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