Friday, August 31, 2018

Hood to Coast

Riley ran in "Hood to Coast" this year in Portland!!  He's been running and training with his Japan team for months and the big event happened the end of August! Nike Japan sponsored the team and flew Riley down and geared him up and he did so awesome (It also happened to be the weekend following Caden's wedding so he was able to come early and come to Idaho for a few days!)

The race "Hood to Coast" is like the name suggests-- starts at Mt. Hood and stretches to the Oregon Coast (200 miles). It is an overnight, long distance relay that is one of the world's longest and largest relays. Each team has 12 people and each person did 3 different legs to cover the distance. Riley had some of the hardest legs, but seriously had unreal mile times which is crazy considering they were uphill and in the middle of the night too! Goooo Riley! <3

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