Friday, August 31, 2018

Cousin Memories

I still am playing catch-up on the blog and trying to document my Idaho trip and it seems like every other picture (if not more than that) is a memory spent with the Griffeth cousins. Luke loved having a buddies to play and I loved having a mom friend/sister.  Here are a few more adventures:

Nature walk/trail in stair idaho, that ended premature with all of us speed walking/running out because we realized we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

 Swimming at the neighborhood pool: 

 Briggs really wanted a picture of the ladybug :) 
 We threw Caitlin Bridal Shower! And turned out EPIC, mostly thanks to Kaylee! Why didn't we get a group picture!?! 
 Kaylee, Landon & Briggs

 Fishing memories. Kaylee has a little pond that is about 10 minute walk from her house and Landon and Briggs taught me all about fishing haha and helped me with the worm and we caught lots of fish. 

 Not the best picture, Luke wasn't a huge fan of slimy fish. . . but loves sushi? 
 Another day of fishing, this is the only picture I took. . . but that smile just melts me. 
. . . And after all these adventures in normally ended with a quick shower or bathtub session <3

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