Friday, August 31, 2018

Jump Creek!

One thing I dislike about living in Tokyo is that nature is so much harder to access— so when we are in America it’s always top on my bucketlist to just be outside and go on some hikes. Idaho is such a pretty state. Caden told me about this waterfall an hour or so drive from my parent's house that I super wanted to go to. . . so when I was in town everyone was super nice and willing to go along and we made a little evening out of it!  It was a super short hike to the falls, which was perfect for the little ones and Caden brought his drone and took some sweet pics.



The cutest Nana <3

 These two could of been twins. Same size and hair.

 Papa Bubbles

 Landon and Briggs wanted to take some pictures and I just loved this toothless grin of Landon
photo credit goes to Briggs for these two.

 I miss them so much!!

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