Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Journaling

Through words I preserve time.
I journal and remember and keep them forever.

With words and pictures, I'll save these beloved Hawaii moments. I'll remember the perfect evening off to the movies as we drive through the canopy of trees on the windward side. I'll remember the ocean peeking through the green and our spontaneous pull-over to the boat harbor. I'll remember the still ocean and the sky at dusk. I'll cherish Nicole's smile and mermaid hair.

With words, I'll keep the feeling of security that comes wrapped in Riley's arms. I'll remember the most beautiful flower opening up one early morning and helping a man pull his boat into the ocean. I'll keep and remember Riley working daily so hard to find a job and his phone calls and excel sheets. 

With words, I'll keep the feeling of our feet on the sand and our ocean dips. I'll save that morning we ran and jumped into the ocean and it started to pour rain. It was like the movies. I'll save the taste of salt in the ocean and walking back home dripping and soaking wet holding hands. 

I'll look back to this time and know we had no idea what the next few months have in store for us.  I'll remember Riley checking emails often and us praying and fasting and waiting. I'll keep journaling now, and one day look back and see how things unfolded and where we will be.

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  1. Magic. I miss that drive to the windward side. Goodness, it's so beautiful. Life can be really really great.