Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ashley in Japan + Memories

My college roomate, Ashley, was headed to Thailand and made a 9 hour layover in Tokyo!! It was so fun catching up and running around Tokyo together. Riley watched Luke and we stuffed our faces with cotton candy, japanese food, and hit up a shrine and an onsen. A great afternoon with one of my favorites.
Ashley is the ultimate adventure buddy. We hiked soo many miles together and even took a trip to Kauai together. Lot of good pillow talks and memories with this girl. Although our friendship has had some ups and down she is the reason I met Riley and so grateful for that and her fun-loving, thoughtful soul! Here are just a few adventures wish Ash! 
 We were the same majors in college so lots of anatomy study and ankle tappin' memories.
 Quiet house balcony view on Laie Point (where we lived)

BYUH Days <3

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