Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Journal 4/23/2019:  When we planned the trip we would wonder how this trip would compare with past adventures because majority of it would be “urban” and coming from Tokyo we normally think of getting out of city life as a vacation. 

It was so neat to me though to see these different cities and how each one brought new architecture and new perceptive and so different from each other. But each one so enjoyable and fun.

London was my personal favorite I think! It was a breath of fresh air (literally) coming from Amsterdam and was so big and just seemed so bright with lots of white buildings, wider sidewalks, and sunshine the whole time. There was so much to do. We seriously walked a hole and flattened my boot heel during this leg of the trip and had to say goodbye to shoes.

The shows were AWESOME in London! For Riley’s birthday, we purchased some front row tickets to Les Miserables and WOW! It was a top-life experience. So incredible- our legs rested right up to the pit and just right in the action! We enjoyed it so much we also went and saw Wicked too.  It was so great and my very first time seeing both of the shows.

Another highlight of the trip was going to the London Temple. The temple is actually a couple hours outside of London but was so nice to get out and spend some time in the pretty English countryside and we ate at the cutest little pub too. We don’t have a temple close by (Tokyo Temple is under construction) so it was so nice to do a session and spend some peaceful hours in the temple.

All the landmarks and history was awesome. We enjoyed this fun little market one afternoon and just loved walking the streets and seeing the sites. Our airbnb was in covent gardens, it was perfect and walkable to so many great sites.  We loved the fish n chips, five-guys burgers (can't get those in Japan haha) and tried out the meat pies. I already can't wait to go back, 4 days in London isn't near enough. See all our photos HERE.
This musician in the underground reminded me of "About Time" <3

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