Friday, May 10, 2019

Easter Time in Europe

We spent Easter week exploring the cobblestone streets of Europe. We visited a few different countries and one thing that amazed me was the many cathedrals that dominated the skylines. We were able to go into so many and participate in some mass services and prayers. It was a unique experience. At first walking into these buildings and witnessing services everything was so different and contrasting from my native faith: the incense, candles burning, darker interiors, statues, mosaics and art dedicated to saints and apostles everywhere. 

However, with each cathedral and experience we were so impressed by the faith and reverence we saw. We were taken back by the details and time it must of taken. I began to just feel so much gratitude looking up at the rainbow colored light streaming through stained glass windows telling the bible stories and humbled staring up at the domed arched sanctuaries. They were just all witnesses of a God and realities of Christ's Ministry. It was so good to be in a Christian country for Easter time this year.

On Easter Sunday, we attended our meeting in our own church that morning. It was so good to sing (attempt to sing) the familiar hymns about Christ in the french language.  I remember looking up a lot of places, and wanted to see lots of cathedrals and art with the Savior that day-- I had the impression though while walking: "It is really good to see things of Christ, but it's better to be like Christ." For the rest of the day, we focused more on the people around us and on the small things that we could do to help them. There are so many opportunities around us to serve and to not turn a blind eye to those struggling. This trip was eye opening and humbling to me in so many ways and so grateful for the opportunity to travel this time of year.

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