Monday, November 18, 2019

Okinawa Trip: Day 2

Day 2: Sunday!

On Sunday, we attended Riley's ward/branch that he stayed at during his time in Okinawa. He wasn't sure who would still be there or around after 7 years-- but was so surprised to see a sister "Masami Higa" he baptized while there still active and even talk about the temple. After church, we took off for a drive around the Island to see the famous Cape Hedo and other sights on the way. We stopped by Todoroki Falls and ended the evening pulling off at a beach on the way home and watching the sun go down. It was one of the best sunsets we have ever seen, pictures just don't do justice.

Getting ready for church!
Ironing Japanese style, mini-ironing board and iron and squat :) 
 Headed off to church and visited the ward Riley spent so many months and walked the neighborhood.
Todoroki Falls Stop!

Cape Hedo

Documenting this pregnancy better, in all it's glory! 

Sunsets on the beach every single day

 The smallest little salad dressing bottle
 Dinner of Champions!

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