Thursday, November 14, 2019

Okinawa Trip: Day 1

This past weekend we traveled to Okinawa for a little get-away before the baby comes and to visit Riley's mission. We have had Okinawa on the bucketlist since moving to Japan-- and finally made it happen! Riley spent 7 months of his mission on Northern Okinawa and was so good returning for him. Okinawa is compared to the "Hawaii" of Japan and is seriously so dreamy. It had the best parts of Hawaii and the best parts of Japan in my opinion. The perfect baby-moon place! I took a million pictures so just going to divide these post up by days!

So here is DAY 1: Saturday
(We technically arrived Friday night, but nothing eventful happened unless you count Riley's first time driving on the opposite side of the road in the dark #sketchy).

Woke up in Nago and first thing we did was hike Mount Katsudake. It was the prettiest hike and the top of the mountain you could see all of Nago (Riley's mission area). 

Then we took off for the beach and drove across the bridge to a little separate island and went to "Sesoku Beach." The water was insanely clear and the wind was strong. We didn't end up staying/swimming here because it was pretty chilly, but enjoyed the sand and view.

After the quick beach session, we decided to hike more and went to Fukuyawa Falls! It was a quick, scenic hike and we had the falls all to ourself. 

Then we headed back to our Airbnb and went to the beach across the street to watch the sunset. 

Luke was excited for another "beach party!"
Luke and Riley got in and played in the water as the sun went down. I actually ended up getting in (fully dressed) too, more like rolling-in attempting to save Luke who was off to get dad in the deeper water ha! It was pretty hilarious. 

Ended the night with A&W curly fries and burgers. 

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