Sunday, October 11, 2015

Big Island & Iron Man

Spent the week on the Big Island! 
We went down to work for a company called "SOLS." 
They customized orthotics with 3D printing. 
Pretty fancy stuff.

We worked in the IRON MAN Village!
It was sweet being surrounded by athletes from all over the globe participating in this championship.
The environment was unique with it's diversity and dedication to exercise.
Pretty inspiring.

We didn't get much vacation time going around the Island but ate "hecka" good food. 
We did sneak away at night and played in some big waves and had some good snorkel time. 
Also, every night the sunsets were first class.
Pretty amazing.

Probably the biggest highlight of the trip, was being able to hangout with Ben Rudolph. 
Ben is one of Riley's childhood friends he grew up with in Northern California.
 He works for SOLS full time in New York and hooked us with with the job for the week. 
He is way fun and it didn't take long to see why Riley has called him a best friend since before we were dating. It was great getting to know him during the trip and also for Riley
to just renew that friendship... although they acted as if they never had been apart.
Pretty crazy.

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