Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sun Rays

It's always really pretty to me when the sun breaks through the clouds and shines singular rays down. My friend's brother with Down Syndrome would get down on one knee and say: "JESUS IS COMING!" when he would see these light rays.

I'm sure these sun beams break through the sky everyday, I like when I notice them though.

(This picture really doesn't do these sun rays' justice)

Lately, I've been pretty busy between work and cleaning vacation rentals and working with guests. Yesterday, the two jobs were back to back so I was planning on driving to Kaneohe instead of taking the bus to save my sanity and make it more convenient for me through the long day. 

The night before though I had the smallest impression to not drive-- it was pretty random but decided to not brush it off but to take the bus. I figured I would never know why I didn't drive that day. I just thought I better play it safe than to be sorry with an accident. 

However, it was waiting for the bus later that day though when I realized why I needed to take the bus. I was sitting next to a local man at the bus stop- about 45 years old. We started talking about life and he shared how he was going to his baptist church later that day and his pursuit for religion and deity. He asked about my beliefs and I told him how I'm a Mormon. We talked for over thirty minutes about faith and religion and life as we waiting for the bus. The only thing he knew about the LDS people was that they have a temple in Salt Lake City, Utah and that it took 40 years to build and how we have a special diet :) It was good to share my beliefs and to shine a little more light to him about the Church.

I couldn't help but feel so grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel in my life. I felt as we were talking together how he had just parts of the gospel-- but so much was missing or overcomplicated. He had a bunch of sun rays of truths but clouds still lingered overhead and he is just waiting and searching to get a glimpse of the whole sun and feel it on his face. 

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