Thursday, March 31, 2016

Run Forest Run

I have had this goal to run to "Turtle Bay"' for quite some time. . . Like over two years. It is 13 miles there and back, so a half marathon. I have always liked to run but hadn't gone that far since high school. And for some reason, I have always had an excuse and postponed this particular run until I was ready. 

((Until I was more fit. . . had more sleep. . . had a better dinner. . . better weather. . . more time to do it. . . etc.))

 Well... I did it I know it isn't that huge. . . people three-times my age run marathons.. and my brother in-law and wife run ultras (that is a new level of insane). But it was an accomplishment for me. . .

 I wasn't planning on running that far that day. I was going my usual route and at the turning point. . . I was feeling good and just kept going and going. I got so far, I decided I might as well go to turtle bay. Then I did.

It wasn't easy, especially running back with the sun. I sweated salt crystals. . . but I just pushed through and accomplished my goal. I was waiting to be ready, but I was all along.

It made me think though, you will miss out on a lot of stuff in life if you wait until you are ready. When in life are you ever really ready? You can prepare obviously, but in reality there is really no such thing as ready. There is really only now, and now is as good a time as any right?

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  1. You're a lovely blogger. I'm ready (ish) for babies! :D:D:D