Monday, July 18, 2016

Leaving Our Hawaii Home.

Here are our last adventures in Hawaii in photographs. We have officially moved away. It was hard purchasing a one-way ticket and not knowing when we will be retuning next to our hawaiian home. Our last days on the island were exhausting—we spent every minute trying to enjoy the island and make the most of everything.

Oahu will always have a place in our heart. We met here and fell in love, graduated college and spent our days together in the sun and salt water.

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  1. So glorious. That island and that shore... it's something special, especially when you make it special. Really fantastic pictures Alyssa girl. It looks like you guys have found some treasure troves on the island! I looked at tickets to Oahu today. $500 round trip, which isn't bad. I'd maybe rather go explore Big Island though. Actually, we should probably save up to buy baby stuff. I was just thinking about the islands and wanted to visit. Also, those kahuku grill fries.... I WANT.