Monday, September 26, 2016

Catching up!

Every since I could write, I have tried to keep a journal.  I perfected the art of apologizing to my own journals and justifying the abandonment that occurred often when I slacked off for a few days or weeks.  I would explain, that life is just busy and crazy. My handwriting would slowing become more careless with each sentence and there was never, never enough time to write and describe everything that I have missed up to the point of catching up. 

I feel that way right now,  sorry I've missed so many good memories and haven't been good at updating my journal. We have just had a seemingly endless to-do list and visiting family and friends before leaving the US just took priority. Now, I'm sitting looking at pictures of the past few weeks and reflecting on this first week in Japan and not wanting to forget a single thing but having no idea how to put these emotions and memories together. . . 

I think i will do a list. I have always liked list and hope these keywords will trigger my thoughts and take me back to these precious moments of our last month in America:

- Moving Paper Cottage! Lots of work but lots of good quality family time. I loved working beside my dad and family members. I learned how to use a drill and paint like a pro from the very best. In hard work there is satisfaction. 

- Surprising Quin after his race! Driving to Utah and having a slumber party with Quin and Rachel in a fancy hotel. Late night pillow talk and the Red Iguana. 

- Another Roadtrip to Utah! Provo temple with Nicole before the mission.  Good chats, food, family time and ping pong. How the heck did Nicole become a pro at ping pong overnight? 

-  Fireworks in Idaho with family! Snacks and rolling out blankets and watching an amazing random-timing firework show put on by Scentsy in late August.  Watching fireworks with kids just make the show even better. I love my nephews. 

-  Grandpas's 80th birthday! Moncur Family meeting in Brigham City, Utah to celebrate our favorite Papa and eat Maddox. Good family time and seeing some of my favorite people ever.

- Visiting and working with Grandma and Grandpa Garner! Picking peaches, lots of laughs and just feeling at peace on the farm. 

-  Family time in Boise: raspberries, scones, games, movies, Big Juds &&  BBQs. Just being all together and feeling like a vacation. The calm before the storm.  There really is no place like it. Also,  I'm kinda obsessed with Baby Grey.

Thats the highlight reel of the last few weeks! Lots of sad goodbyes, but cheerful times mosty. Life is really good.  
Peace out Journal. 

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