Thursday, April 6, 2017

Baby Shower!

Today was my baby shower! We celebrated by stuffing our faces with homemade cinnamon rolls and muffins. Then we awed at all the cute-tiniest baby clothes and the nicest quilt ever stitched. Following we sat and shared and I listened to inspired parenting advice and life lessons of motherhood.

 I am feeling so grateful for my friends and ward family here in Japan. I sure got so spoiled today. One month until I'm a mom!!  


  1. Lovely pictures! You look beautiful. You're such a gem. And those foods are pinterest worth! Precious. Glad you're being taken care of!

  2. Wow, this baby shower is outstanding. You are just so creative and cute! Those cute-tiniest baby clothes must be really adorable. I also have a sister and thinking to host a surprise baby shower for her. I would be hosting the party at the rental event venues Chicago so all of the arrangements are done professionally by their staff.