Monday, April 2, 2018

Big Little Helper

Luke is the cutest little helper these days. He loves being at my side all the time. He holds onto my legs while I do dishes and cook, he insist on sharing his food with us and is always there to assist with teeth brushing and bed making. I want to remember his laugh as the bed covers go over his head and his quick reaction to get them off and repeating it over and over. I want to remember his obsession with the vacuum and how fast he can pull out every single wipie out. 

He loves life and is the happiest kid! Lately, he smiles with his entire face. He crinkles his nose and raises his shoulders and just melts into it.  I love his big cheese and helping hands.

A day at the laundry mat! Our washing machine is too small to wash the comforter and we don't have a dryer so we carried it across to the coin laundry together. 

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