Thursday, November 1, 2018

Luke Lately- 18 Months

Helloooo 18 months! I have been looking forward to this milestone for months now-- solely because he can officially go to nursery now and has been begging to go for weeks. You and me both, kid. Alleluia. 
He is ONE AND A HALF years old! Tomorrow he will be closer to two-years old than one. Time goes so fast, I don't really want him to grow up and get bigger but I love that each new day he says a new word or does something that just surprises me and is so fun to watch.  

He LOVES his cars. Whenever we leave the house he gets our shoes from the genkan and packs the diaper bag himself with as many cars as possible-- he insists on having his whole armada with him wherever he goes, yesterday he wanted me to line up his highchair with all his cars to eat with them. He pointed at each one and said "peeeze." 

I always joke he has a "six sense" and can always hear and spot an airplane or helicopter before anyone and just loves following them across the sky with his finger. The other day there were lots of planes for some reason overhead at the park and we both laid down on the ground and watched them for awhile. That was one of my favorite memories lately, it's so fun to see the world through fresh eyes. 

Luke loves being outside, can open the fridge now and loves helping make smoothies, he sleeps through the night, and gives the world's best cuddles and smooches. Happy "Half-Birthday" my little mess maker.  I think it's time we will officially cut your hair. 

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