Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Weekend in Island Park/Yellowstone Trip

This year we spent 'conference weekend' in Island Park at my parent's cabin. It was my first time staying at the cabin since they got it and was such a good time. Everyone in the family was able to go (minus Whitney on mission, and Riley still in Japan).  It was so good to spend time in the outdoors and indoors listening to conference and being together as a family. The whole time I kept thinking how much Riley would love this place and want to make it a priority to take him back ASAP.

We ate a lot of good food, spent one day exploring Yellowstone National Park, rode the Raptor and 4 wheelers around, and was able to see my Grandma and Grandpa Moncur and Devin Moncur's family too (who conveniently own the cabin next door)! LOTS of good memories and pictures documenting this family reunion weekend together in the mountains. . . also it SNOWED! :) 

We LOVE Caitlin- Thanks for also snapping so many pictures :) 
 We saw a BEAR.... Mom, did you know these are wild animals!? :)

So many Bison. . . 
 (not zoomed in, from car window!)

 Deagan that went for a cold swim/fell in ;) 

 The 'twins'

 intermediate hymn entertainment above . . . and Landon serving everyone drinks, food, and feet rubs
 Grandma & Grandpa Moncur 
 Aunt Kenzie with the $1 bribes for 'first to sleep' and Uno dealer 
Daily hot tub sessions. . . don't worry I didn't stay in too long being pregnant
 Roo having THE TIME OF HER LIFE on the raptor, she loved it so much!!

 Luke still talking about this ride a month later! 

 The Cousins Album Cover. . . 

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