Friday, July 3, 2020


One of the ONLY movies I purchased for myself growing up was Jennifer Garner's '13 going on 30'! I thought it was so cute! I really should rewatch it now and verify this fact. At the time, I resonated with the little girl wishing to be older and now I'm officially thirty! Wow. 

I would not describe myself as "thirty, flirty and thriving," more like 'thirty and dying' haha, jk! That sounds a little drastic. Motherhood and life lately though, these months have been something else.

It is currently 3am, and everyone is sleeping but my mind is going, and insomnia is getting the best of me so thought I would write out my thoughts and maybe sleep would come.  

We are suppose to get on an airplane in a few weeks, but currently the boarders are closed and not possible to return to Japan because of covid. We are trying to figure out what to do and it's been quite the decision, if we decide to go it will be MONTHS before we can return home, potentially the rest of the year. I feel like it would be really, really good to have a change of scenery and see family and get help. However, being stuck and away from Japan would have several challenges too and the unknown. We've been fasting and praying, but need to make a decision soon.

Also, our new laptop fell from the couch to the floor and broke when Luke was doing one of his 'tricks.' It is over $800 dollars to fix it and so that is huge bummer and been extra frustrating to navigate that repair in Japan for some reason. 

Other thoughts include my YW girls. Pretty much every single girl is struggling with REALLY hard things right now and testimonies and its been really weighting on me and heavy. Not sure if I'm the right one for this calling, feeling hard to make time for calling and focus on girls.

YEP. Those are the things right now on my mind.. going to sleep now and hoping for better days ahead and clarity. 

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