Monday, August 29, 2022

Moncurs in Amsterdam- Nana & Papa visit!

At the end of August my parents came to visit Amsterdam,  a year exactly from their first visit here. A year later, there was a couple things different this time: we were moved out of temp housing in central and officially in our home (they helped set up bunk beds first visit)... and we had baby Lucy! She was born the beginning of the month, so was three weeks old when they arrived. It was so great having them and so, so  grateful for the time together and all the help. It was so nice having a live-in cleaning crew and entertainment for little kids, and handyman fixing various things around the house and shopping for us. Right after they left, it was so obvious how much they did and big void missing them! Come back soon. 

We had a lot of fun, soaking up the final days of summer and Luke outta school and enjoying the nice weather. A few highlights from our time in Amsterdam:
 - kayak rides and magnet fishing
-canal museum & tonys chocolate 
- Amsterdam beach day and bike rides
- Day trip visiting Gouda, the capital of cheese
- having some date night time! Seeing Top Gun 2.
-trip to Belgium (another post)
- quality work time together with my mom
- lots of lucy snuggles :)

Thats a wrap!

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