Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mother's Day!

 It is Mother's Day!! Which is quickly rising to the ranks of my favorite holiday ever. I'm writing this at the end of a really great weekend, my heart is just so full of love and gratitude for Riley and for the opportunity I have to be a mom to such special spirits. I felt like I should write and express what's on my heart because often motherhood and life is so challenging that I get caught up in the mundane and the hard and forget what a blessing it is and how much I truly love being a mom and wife. I'm so blessed and grateful for this. In my patriarchal blessing it states 'that I will go to the house of the Lord and be sealed and raise up a family who will give their love and unity and a spirit of joy to me. This will be the most important work of my life as I give myself to my posterity, it will build a bond of love and covenant of joy and happiness that will extend to all my posterity.' I love that promise and felt the spirit of joy this weekend.

Mother's day started on Saturday for me! Riley took the kids to the beach and I had a lot of free time. I'm training for a marathon and so got to run for a couple hours, paint and clean and even nap! Then Sunday,  started with breakfast in bed and just honestly continued the whole day getting paintings from the kids and little kisses and not cooking and thoughtful gifts. Riley did so much and was so thoughtful and just love him and grateful to have him in my life forever.  Luke and Clay both sung a dutch song during church and Clay just smiled his perfect sunbeam smile in the very front not knowing the words and just really stands out and makes me smile. Riley also sung in dutch with the priesthood brethren during church, he has this really nice blue suit and was looking so handsome up there and glad he is all mine.  My heart is so full and love my little family. 

the breakfast menu, riley ended up making everything on the menu for me and the kids.
granola parfaits and bacon avocado egg sammies, amazing.
breakfast in bed 

not pictured, our gourmet nacho lunch... my ultimate comfort food. 

Also, snapped this one Saturday of Riley and the gang all venturing out to beach

I won a giveaway for a photoshoot, she got a lot of little candid black and white motherhood ones I thought would be perfect for this post :) 

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