Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mallorca: Valldemossa & Port de Soller

March 30th, 2023- Port de Soller would be our final night of the trip and it did not disappoint. On our way to Port de Soller we stopped into Valldemossa. It was a great pitstop not just because it was a stunningly  pretty village that felt like Spainish x Italian hybrid but also because it was a great stress reliever from the very narrow and very windy roads that were also infested with the most cyclists we had ever seen, making the drive equally stressful as it was beautiful. We loved wondering the charming streets of Valldemossa and stumbled one a quaint restaurant for lunch with a great view. 

I spy Riley...Port de Soller was the best way to end the trip for us- An afternoon in the sun and water at the beach. We booked Port de Soller mostly cuz we knew it would be fun to play at the beach for the boys, but we were not expecting how pretty the town was and the surrounding the location. It was such a cool mix of a beach town, encircled by towering gray, stark, massive mountains. We also went on some really awesome trail runs that lead around the cove, along the oceans and into the mountains, capped off with mom and dad enjoying burgers in bed, watching 'Catch Me if You Can'. Port de Soller definitely held its own to the other places on the trip and were so glad we got to spend a day there. 

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