Thursday, June 1, 2023

Paris: Disneyland with the Daltons!


June 1st, 2023: Disney with the Dalton's was something that we had been talking about for a while and with them moving out soon, we finally pulled the trigged and paired it with the Roland Garros trip. It was a blast! Such good times with such good friends. Was the best way to kick-off the Dalton's final chapter in Amsterdam. Was fun seeing Kevin and Luke and Clay and Penny experience Disneyland together. 

Luke's first big roller coaster was Thunder Mountain ended up being his favourite. Was the perfect way to make up for taking the kids on Haunted Mansion (not the best way to start the day haha). Was so fun going on it with him and even went again with mom. 
Equally as fun, if not arguably, even more fun than Disneyland was the our Country Camping place that we stayed. It was in the middle of no-where, not too crowded and had the best blow-up bouncy houses and slides that we'd ever seen. After getting our fill, we then moved to the pool for the afternoon and had a blast playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine. Capped the day off with some pizza and let the kids be kids exploring and playing around outside. Was an amazing trip with Daltons that made for some very very good memories. 


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