Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Month in Tokyo

We have officially been in Tokyo for one month!!! We kept saying that to each other yesterday. One month! It feels like we just stepped off the plane & have been here forever all at the same time. 

This month Riley started his job, we spoke in church, got an apartment and furnished it, ate out more times than we have our entire dating and marriage life combined and finished the first season of Poldark! 

 I love school uniforms in japan, this girl just reminded me of the Matilda of Japan!

Indian Curry & Naan everyday... 

 mexican nachos & american eagle, feels like home. . . 

Sushi! Riley's favorite. I'm kinda obsessed with wasabi. 

Ikea: A love/hate relationship. This is how i spend my days!

One saturday we spend rolling this free kitchen counter around tokyo for an hour, very eventful.


  1. GREAT UPDATE! I'm really glad to see and read it!
    First of all, that little school girl is totally like a Japanese Matilda!
    And Poldark... I've never heard of it but maybe Chris and I need to watch it. I just looked it up and it looks British, which is just the kind of TV we like.
    Aaaaand that dresser. hahahaha. Sorry you had to suffer through putting that together, but what satisfaction that you're so handy!
    Love you Alyssa girl

  2. STILL NO NEW POST?! It's been two minutes almost. Come on!

  3. JUST SITTING HERE WAITING FOR YOU TO POST ON YO' BLOG. Actually, I've been productive since I last commented. I finally put away all our food storage and my sewing stuff! And I'm listening to Christmas music. K bye.

  4. HELLO! I've read this before....