Monday, October 31, 2016

Joy in Japan

I love cuddling up to Riley after he has been gone all day. He works some pretty long hours and the time we have together is more precious than before. This past week he curled me up in his arms and asked if i was happy, he asks if i knew that I was pretty. He told me that he thinks about me all day and can't wait to come home.  It made me feel so good. Long days apart aren't exactly fun, but we are finding joy in japan and making the most of the moments together. Lots of city exploring & we took a day hiking trip!

Our street views! Our apartment is the grey one with the blue triangles in the above right picture.

Our home station. 

Bird poop. We hang dry clothes now . . . and this happened. Sick.
Ward Halloween Party costumes & Hot Chocolate that Riley surprised me with from a vending machine on an especially cold morning. 

 Cool skate park we found on top of a building, with pretty terrible Mexican food. 

Hiking!! A little foggy & crowded but fun trip just outside Tokyo.

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  1. Looks like you two have been able to do lots of fun things and good exploring. Can't believe you're living in Tokyo! It's good to see pictures of what you see everyday! Like bird poo... bumma. Poop happens. I'm drinking a smoothie right now and it's super super rainy out. I'm laying in front of the heater by Edel and my pelvis is pretty sore. Happy november and good job with the beautiful Japan and Stevenson pictures!