Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Universal Studios Japan

For Christmas, Riley delivered an OWL POST letter to me with a magical surprise: A date to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter World! He wrote a clever poem, that will only make sense if your a fan. It was a great surprise and everything was really magical. 

We ran through the forbidden forest and raced to get a good place in line to see Hogwarts. We rode a hippogriff, drank butterbeer, ate at "The Three Broom Sticks" and at Olivanders it was "my time" to get my first wand. 

It was a fun trip and Universal Studios was fantastic. We spent the whole day exploring the park and I maybe rode a few rollercoasters... lets hope our baby doesn't actually turn out looking like Dobby!

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  1. I love this I love HP. So glad you guys got to go! And I don't remember seeing the Weasley's little car at Florida universal, so inespeivlsky love that picture with you three!