Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year in Review

2016 has been another year of big changes and adventures! The beginning of the year held so many unknowns and hard decisions for us. It is now a tender mercy to see how everything has played out and where life has taken us. 

Here is the highlight reel & review of 2016:

We spent 7 months of this year living in our temple view apartment in Hawaii. 
During those months we. . . 

Nearly died from free-diving with fourteen sharks.

Had the best crew and spent hours bowling, body-surfing, passing the football and just being together playing games and talking. 

We also collected a lot of seashells and hiked endless trails and saw lots of good waterfalls. We loved our trail runs this year.

Riley finished 1.5 semesters this year and graduated with a Degree in Business Management. Class of 2016.

Riley signed an official job offer for Nike Japan and the visa process commenced and waiting game. . . 

We moved to Idaho with parents for a few month... and actually loved every minute! Lots of BBQs, raspberry shakes, Paper Cottage bonding, and family adventures. 

Took roadtrips to Pinetop, Bearlake, New Plymouth, Utah (multiple time) & all over Oregon during our months on the mainland. 

And if you do the math we maybe conceived a baby while in Oregon too. . . 

 We found out we were pregnant days before moving to a foreign county...

 Moved to Tokyo and signed an apartment with a two years commitment....

 Riley started his career at Nike Inc. and spends his days working and weekends playing. During our free time we explore this new country--trying new food and finding new fun places. 

 2016 has been a year to remember! Our little ohana moved from one hawaiian island to a whole new island across the pacific in Asia this year. This big move has brought so much change and adjustment. We are grateful for the adventures and memories we have had along the way and the lessons we are continually learning. We can feel ourselves growing inward (and me outward too. . . ) with change and are excited for another year and a new edition to our little family!

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  1. Oh lovely. Good year in review! I miss those island days and they seemed exceptional fornyou guys. And now you're on another island! Lucky duckies.
    Keep growing that baby! The miracle of life is so amazing. And I adore my little boy soooooo much.