Friday, May 27, 2016

Swimming with Sharks

Sooooo >>> We wanted to do something crazy and rememberable before we leave Hawaii. . . so we decided to go free dive with sharks. It was with "One Ocean Diving" and hands down one of the most epic things we have done in Hawaii.  We road a boat out to the dive site that sharks like to hangout.. and jumped in! We got to hangout with them for an hour in the water and watch these massive animals.

 We learned a lot about these animals and how they are actually not as scary or harmful as people believe, but actually in danger. 


  1. What an awesome experience. That was worth it! I've been following one ocean diving on instagram for quite awhile and I've learned good things. I'm hungry - going to make some eggs. :) Okay, bye.

  2. A bee just flew in my house and out of my house. I wonder if it knew I just ate some honey and it wanted it for itself.