Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Temple View Apartment Living

We moved into a studio this past week because our building is being renovated in the temple view apartments. It was a close move to just the building over but still a hassle.. We had to get rid of the cockroach infestation before putting our stuff into the place but settling in good now. 

Our bed is literally two steps from the front door and you can touch the dresser when you enter. It's smaller than our last place, Riley likes to call it "our hotel suite" because everything is right there: bed, couch, kitchen, bathroom. It fits into one picture nicely. Let's just say it is definitely not a 5 star... There is a cane spider we have yet to catch it's playing hide and seek. But we are making it a home for the next couple months before our next grand adventure. . . 

Other noteworthy memories of lately... We have done a lot of bowling with the family here: Riley and Avery are mastering the techniques of the "curve ball" and I try to keep my ball out of the gutters. I did have a fluke round and had a personal best over 100. 

We also discovered a new path to walk and trial-run that we are pumped about and found a cute little seal we watched for way to long.

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  1. I'm glad you can handle the cane spider. I have an unforgettable memory of you putting a bag on your hand and grabbing the cane spider in mine and Cherisse's closet! What would we have done without you. Eek the CAT!

    Looks like your toenail is growing back too! That's very good. Either it's growing or you painted your toe. :)

    Aaaand cute little hotel suite. It'll be a place with lots of good memories. And I love your driftwood photo holders. You're really great, Alyssa.