Sunday, May 1, 2016


Friday we spent the evening outside and camped out. We hung out at one of our favorite spots. It is really close by, but feels far away deep in the woods away from the world. It is completely enclosed by trees from the road and beach and is the perfect secluded camping spot. 

We made tinfoil dinners and s'mores with Riley's siblings and some friends. They turned out really good and then played some football and hung out together. I love watching Riley interact with his siblings. I love the way he teases his sister Nicole and makes her smile and laugh. I love how when he is with the Twins the boyhood of his childhood returns to them and they come up with these games or have a mission to do something. The game of the evening being throw the football up to catch and then charge full-speed at them before they can catch it. 

After the sun went down and s'mores were done everyone left and me and Riley stayed to camp. Before going into the tent, we laid out under the night on a blanket and looked up at stars and listened to the distant ocean crashing. We talked about life and I rested my head against his body. 

Our conversations lately are all about the future and what we are doing after graduation and who to network and what company to contact. We really have no idea what the future holds in the coming weeks and what doors will open. But in that moment, it really didn't matter because we had the whole world in front of us and each other.

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