Thursday, July 20, 2017



I want to write something nice and remember this good time in America, so I thought of nice moments. 

I thought of the moment when Caden walked through the airport doors from mission and we overwhelmed him in hugs. I thought of home in the mornings with the doors open and crisp air flowing through the house, I thought of Luke and my mom sleeping together nose to nose and holding hands. I thought of driving through Idaho, in the night with my dad in search of some northern lights that never made a show but good conversations. 

I thought about summer days on then boat. The food and water and the company, the pure joy and thrill that comes from jumping in cold water and wake boarding behind the boat and just being together and watching the sky turn into night.  

I thought of good meals, a good breakfast, of watching my mother smother a piece of dad's homemade wheat toast with jam and the best yogurt parfaits. I thought of camping, of being outside, of family and food and reunion. 

I thought of Saturday morning farmers market and walking through downtown Boise, of fresh donuts and samples, music and cobblestone alleys. I thought of stroller walks with Luke, wide eyes and smiles. The backyard patio, water balloon fights, bbqs and the green belt. 

I thought of knocking on the hotel door to introduce Luke to his grandparents for the first time and the smiles, laughs, and baby talk. I thought of the days in New Plymouth Idaho. Country roads, baby holding, and good food. I thought of Natalie speaking Japanese and singing to Luke and all the big smiles and finger holding. 

I thought of fish and chips, big juds with kaylee, fireworks and family. I loved the 21 days of summer vacation in Idaho. The nice moments, quiet happiness, plain and good. The familiarity of America and opportunity to be with family.

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